Our Mission

In 2005, some busy Sydney mums left behind various professional careers and pooled their talents in order to create an eco-friendly business opportunity for the betterment of women and children in the developing world. In doing so, they established BANG consortium, with a mission to champion the values of sustainability that they wished to nurture in their children.
They realized that the proliferation of supermarket “green” bags, while solving one problem in reducing plastic bag use, was creating another in the public’s increasing dependence on a product made of polypropylene, which neither breaks down in landfill nor is it currently recycled.  They decided there had to be better-looking and more eco-friendly solutions.
Fair-Trade Eco-Bags by BANG consortium: “Building A New Generation”
BANG consortium created a locally designed range of fair trade shopping, bottle, tote, gift and conference bags in natural jute, a fully and naturally biodegradable alternative to the “green” supermarket polypropylene reusable shopper.